Since the 1st January of 2015, the CPF replace the DIF (Individual Right to Training). To have access to it and to know your balance of hours of training available, you have to connect to your account with your security social number. The account is credited each year on the basis of the declarations of social data transmitted by your employer.


The eligible trainings to CPF have to fulfill at least one of these three provisions :

  • to be registered to RNCP (national register of professional certifications)
  • to bestow a CQP (qualification certificates)
  • to provide the base of knowledges and skills (a pending decree has to define the content of the foundation)


The employee has to keep informed his employer at least 2 months before the beginning of the training (for a 6-month training at least). The employer has to give his answer in a period of 30 days. In case of acceptation of absence by the employer, the financing file will be administered by the OPCA (joint commission for collective training)


To fund your training, you can request :

-Pôle Emploi
-Regional Council
-General Council
-An OPCA (sponsoring organism)
-AGEFIPH (Fund Management Organisation for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilities) 



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