Ethical Investment Option

The « Ethical Investment » module is included in the expert in participatory financing and solidary insurance if you chose this option as teaching unit 7

This module can also be followed independently in a single module.

The training program is built around the following subjects:

Modern Finance History
Introduction to financial market law and to collective management
Monetary market 
The markets and the financial instruments

#Legal regimes and governance
Introduction to Muslim business law
Introduction to FI (origins, foundations, features)
Legal regime of Ribaa
Legal régime of Gharar
IFI governance
Making process of a Fatwa

#Sales Contracts
Introduction to sales contracts in muslim law
The Istisnaa – The Selem – The Ijara and its variations– The Tawarruq – The Arbun – The Moucharaka and the Moudharaba – The Mourabaha
The guarantees in muslim law
The islamic credit card
The Zakat and the Wakf

#Takaful Insurance
Introduction to the insurance concept (analyse of insurance laws)
Life insurance, foresight, IARD (Property and Casualty Insurance), reinsurance
Distinguish the Takaful traditional insurance/ Operationg procedures of the different patterns of the Takaful
The functioning of a Takaful company 

#Management and regulations
Management control,audit, compliance
Mathematical finance elements (ratios, stakes, scorings,margin calculations, tax relief..)
Risk management and international standards (IFRS)
Regulation, control and supervision (AAOIFI)

#Management and HR
Organisational theory and the participatory banks
Human resources management
The different gouvernante systems 
Inovation and creation management

Sukuk plan, legal analyse : french law trust
Sukuk plan, legal analyse : 
Corporate law
Sukuk conveys securization
Sukuk Luxembourg analyse

Means of communication and networks
Crowdfunding platform
Understand the Fintech
Payment services

#Preparation of a thesis defence
Thesis defence monitoring
Directing projects
Checking of knowledges (EXAM)

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