The trend is confirming : participatory financing mobilises each year several hundreds of thousands contributors. We are witnesses to a real interest from the citizens for this new type of financing.An awakening of interest explained by the diversity of developed platforms, which today allow to support diverse projects.

The participatory financing and solidary insurance represent today a promising line of business with an opening towards different future trades.

This training is built around a common core (teaching units UE1 to UE6 included) and one option (UE7).

Finance banque et assurance : focus sur la finance prticipative

Objective of the financing and insurance training
Master the main key factors of success which focus around technical, tactical and methodological skills in the management and gestion of financing projects.

Targeted careers :
-Consultant expert in participatory financing
-Specialized banker

Target Audience : 

The training : « Executive MBA: Expert in participatory financing and solidary insurance » applies to everyone with at least a two year degree level or experience, regardless of the status : students, employées wishing for specialization, job seekers in professional retraining, company managers or businessmen, consultants.

Teaching units :

-UE1 Economy
-UE2 Insurance, Banking and financing laws
-UE3 Markets and participants’ strategy 
-UE4 Manangement and Governance
-UE5 Regulation
-UE6Technical approaches and design
-UE7 Option to chose between :
*Ethic financing
*Solidary Insurance



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