The norms of the management systems Quality, Security, Environment are in constant evolution. That is why the perfect knowledge of the applicable rules, the mastery of the fondamental analyse tools of the risks and the resolutions of issues and the adoption of good behaviors are essentials to adopt and sustain a QSE approach. 

By these evolutions, it is a promising line of business with an opening towards different future trades. 

Objective of the training :
Master the main key factors of success which focus around technical, tactical and methodological skills in the management and gestion of QSE (quality, security, environment) projects and apply the specific rules to the interventions about EIPS (important elements for the security)

Targeted careers :
-Quality Manager
-Hygiene and Security Manager
-Environment Manager
-Radiation protection Manager

Target Audience :
The training : « Executive MBA: Expert in QSE-radiation protection» applies to everyone with at least a two year degree level or experience, regardless of the status : students, employees wishing for specialization, job seekers in professional retraining, company managers or businessmen, consultants.

Teaching units :

This training is composed of 3 distinct modules that can be followed independently :
*Module « QSE Management » (15 days)
*Module « Radiation Protection » (15 days)
*Regulatory Module (12 days)

PS: The training dates related to the Regulatory Module are defined according to partners projects and to the availability of the learners. This module is realized within a platform based in Lorraine.

Training expert in quality, security, environment and radiation protection- complete cycle 

List of the modules:
QSE Management
Radiation Protection
Regulatory Module



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