WEDGE Business School is a European school that provides “emerging”training courses.

WEDGE Business School offers a wide range of training themes - in order to match them with current needs of the market and government norms - such as :

pictogram-digital   Digital

pictogram-finance   Finance and Insurance

pictogram-QSE   Quality, Sécurity and Environment

These courses, in accordance with the regulatory context (Securities targeted RNCP from Bac +2 to Bac +5), are given by experienced and recognized professionals, active in their respective fields.
WEDGE Business School places at the heart of its concerns the pedagogical support of any profile wishing to train, to convert, to professionalize towards new jobs offering real employment prospects: students, job seekers, employees wishing to specialize, chefs Contractors, consultants.
That is why WEDGE Business School ensures the quality and recognition of the training offered and participates in the "massive" plan, which promotes the training of jobseekers announced by the Government at the end of 2015.
The acquisition of skills is now essential to take the path of employment. This is why WEDGE Business School has chosen innovative pedagogy based on project management and field actions to project learners in a professional context.


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